Welcome to Integration Kinesiology™

Be stress freeIntegration Kinesiology™ is a holistic approach to stress relief and management. As clinical studies have shown, exposure to prolonged external stressors directly impact our level of health and vitality. While these stressors weaken the body's defense mechanisms, they can also manifest themselves in a wide variety of symptoms.

Integration Kinesiology (IK) is a complementary form of natural medicine which merges a variety of techniques to reduce and relieve stress from the body. Stress reduction occurs by balancing the Autonomic Nervous System through the use of non-invasive combinations of touch, movement, light, sound, color, and psychology.

Although IK does not cure, heal, or mitigate disease, it does support the body's own natural healing ability to cope with a variety of health issues such as:

Acne Cholesterol Immune system disorders Paralysis Tantrums
ADD/ADHD Conflict resolution Impotence Parkinson's Temper issues
Allergies Constipation Infertility Post Nasal Drip Tendonitis
Alzheimer's Depression Insomnia Prostate issues Thyroid
Anxiety Diabetes Joint pain Psoriasis Tinnitus
Arteriosclerosis Digestive issues Learning issues PTSD TMJ
Arthritis Enuresis Leukemia Restless legs Trauma
Asthma Fatigue Lupus Rheumatism Tumors
Autism Fibroids Lymphatic issues Sciatica Ulcers
Back Pain Fibromyalgia Menopause Seizures Varicose veins
Bladder problems Headaches Migraines Sinus Vision problems
Blood pressure Hearing issues Multiple Sclerosis Speech disturbances  
Cancer Hemorrhoids Muscle pain Spinal issues  
Carpal Tunnel Hormonal imbalances Pain Strokes  

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